Current Initiatives

  • Rio Fernando Park

    The Taos Land Trust is beginning the process of revitalizing a 20-acres of wetland and agricultural land next to Fred Baca Park. This project will revitalize a section of the Rio Fernando River, bring an acequia back to life, and restore the once-productive agricultural lands of this property.
  • Community Conservation

    From acequia associations who have proved vigilant stewards of the land and water for centuries, to ranchers who have chosen to restore their grasslands, much of our community has worked to preserve our landscapes and livelihoods for years.

Taos Acequias – Vigil y Romo Acequia Comes Back to Life

A new agreement means that the long defunct acequia will see water flowing again – and it comes with funding, jobs and new leadership. Taos acequias are on the rise. On February 15, 2018 members of the Vigil y Romo acequia met at the offices of the Taos Land Trust in downtown Taos to restore an ancient irrigation system. The four members, known as parciantes, established new bi-laws, elected officers and set a plan in motion to get water back in the ditch perhaps as soon as this summer. “This is historic,” said Kristina Ortez, Executive Director of the Taos Land Trust, which spearheaded the re-establishment of the acequia. “In bringing this acequia back to life, we are at once celebrating our agricultural heritage as well as building food security and resilience in our community.” In December 2015 the Taos Land Trust, with the help of the LOR Foundation, purchased the 20-acres of the ...

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“I want to see a park where the public can easily feel like this is their space. I want to see a park with equitable access. Walking space, places for youth to hang out. I want to see a park with edible fruit trees where people can stop off for a snack. I want to see a park where our youth are involved. I know there has been a talk about a lot of agricultural activities. But let’s make sure that is kid focused. I’d love it if there was an after school agricultural club where the kids can take those veggies home, maybe sell them at the market.” – Anonymous, Town of Taos