Writing has long been a means of exploring, connecting & understanding the natural world. Nature writing provides an opportunity to build a sense of place within a larger community. But how does environmental destruction impact that connection & sense of place? Have poisoned rivers, fracking, broken ecosystems, mass extinction &


We are creating restoration economy jobs in Taos New Mexico by refurbishing New Mexico’s agricultural heritage and restoring wetlands in the center of town.   Apply Here – Deadline April 22, 2018 The Vigil y Romo Acequia hasn’t seen water in decades. Standing over the dry ditch on a recent breezy spring

According to Hummingbird Community member Michael Elliot, a biologist who recently visited the 171-acre conservation easement located on the Hummingbird Ranch labeled it one of the most ecologically diverse and rich chunks of land in all of New Mexico. “The biologists were just blown away,” says Elliot. It is easy